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What are the basic modular devices in an electrical installation? | Legrand Mauritius

What are the basic modular devices in an electrical installation?

In addition to circuit breakers, surge protectors and other key modular devices dedicated to protection, there are modular control solutions that allow for optimal management of electrical equipment and appliances, and therefore consumption.




• The remote switch: it allows to switch on and off the same lighting from several push-buttons placed in different places. It is mandatory for 3 or more control points.


• The timer: it allows the lighting by push-button and the automatic extinction of a room or a room frequented for a short time (cellar, garage...). The lighting time is adjustable from 30 seconds to 10 minutes.




The programmable time switches allow you to define the operating times of your appliances (for example: washing machines, dryers, air conditioners, illuminated signs, surveillance lighting for outdoor areas, etc.).




The power contactors allow the remote control of a load by a switch. They exist in two versions (without manual control / with manual control) and can be put in forced on position without automatic return or put in off position to ensure the test function and the troubleshooting.