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Green’up Access & Premium charging solutions for electric vehicles | Legrand Mauritius

Solutions de recharge pour véhicules électriques Green’up Access Premium

Ready to install pack and Green’up Access kit

The ready to install pack consists of a heavy-duty socket identified for electric vehicles + a fixing base + an RCBO. 8 to 16 A charging, in complete safety, of all electric vehicles with a mode 1 or mode 2 cable. Detection system patented by Legrand: vehicles detect the secure Green’up infrastructure and select the maximum power that can be supplied by the socket, resulting in a shorter charging time. The kit contains all the ready to install pack items + a Plexo³ cabinet and a 45 A electricity meter.

Flush-mounting Green’up Access sockets

With its IK 10 protection giving it excellent resistance to harsh environments, the Green’up Access socket is perfect for use in public car parks and lock-ups. 8 to 16 A charging of all electric vehicles with a mode 1 or mode 2 cable, regardless of how much charging power is required by the vehicle (detection system patented by Legrand).

Plastic Green’up Premium charging stations

The Green’up Premium charging station is used for charging vehicles in mode 2 and mode 3. With its native Bluetooth connection it can be used to control charging locally via the EV CHARGE application. When connected to the IP or Wi-Fi network with the communication kit (optional), it allows remote control from a smartphone, tablet computer or PC. Wall fixing or floor standing (optional). Power ratings: 3.7/4.6 kW - single-phase charging station 3.7 to 7.4 kW (adjustable) - single-phase charging station 11 to 22 kW (adjustable) - three-phase charging station