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Smarther connected thermostat | Legrand Mauritius


Smarther thermostat: comfort and energy savings

Smarther is an innovative thermal comfort solution which was designed to meet the expectations of people who want both more comfort and better energy efficiency. The connected thermostat is one of the quick easy-to-install solutions, to help people reduce their electricity bills. Illuminated LEDs on the touchscreen interface display essential information, such as the room temperature, reference temperature, humidity level.


Local or remote heating control

The connected thermostat can be used to manage the HVAC system (hydronic, airflow, or electrical) locally or remotely. Any scenario is possible depending on inhabitants’ lifestyles: Management at home thanks to a touchscreen interface that is easy to use. At any time, the user can adjust the reference temperature according to their needs or launch the Boost function, in order to reach the desired temperature quickly. Remote management, via Legrand’s Thermostat app. With this control interface, it is possible to create temperature scenarios that suit people's lifestyles. If they come home earlier than expected, the user can launch the Boost function remotely to turn on the heating for a limited time, no matter what the current programme.


Geolocation: no point in heating the house when nobody’s home!

Thanks to the geolocation function, the thermostat detects when the user is no longer in the house Wi-Fi coverage area, and they receive an alert on their smartphone asking whether the current programming should be altered or not. They can then choose whether or not to set the heating to eco mode.