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Energy efficiency | Legrand Mauritius

Improving living conditions and comfort also means developing solutions that optimize energy efficiency. Because buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumption and 20% of CO2 emissions, reducing the energy consumption of buildings is a major challenge in the fight against global warming. The goal is for each user to reduce their energy bill and footprint.


Develop equipment to reduce energy consumption and improve electricity quality

Legrand designs solutions that limit power interruptions and optimize energy efficiency.

At home, for example, Legrand solutions range from presence detectors to complete home automation equipment, allowing you to control and program lighting, heating and other power consumption stations, with the effect of optimizing energy consumption. In tertiary or industrial buildings, the offer covers lighting management, office equipment management, security lighting and infrastructure measurement and monitoring. The Group also offers capacitor batteries that increase the efficiency of installations, or network analyzers that allow measurements to be made on energy consumption and quality. Legrand is also developing an offer for charging electric vehicles.

Educate the user

In addition to its offer, Legrand is committed to improving energy efficiency by quantifying the tonnes of CO2 avoided thanks to its solutions. In addition, for most of its products, the Group provides the entire value chain with environmental information through PEP (Product Environmental Profile).