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Électricien Certifié | Legrand Mauritius

Call on trustworthy professionals

All the electricians selected comply with the NFC 15-100 standard (the reference for all electrical installations) and are experts in Legrand electrical equipment. Always ready to listen, they will meet your needs by applying the best solutions for comfort, low energy consumption and adaptability to your budget.

électricien certifié mauritius

Legrand, a leading partner for electricians

Legrand works alongside electricians in their projects, to better meet your needs. Regular events are held for Legrand Certified Electricians to preview new products. The Innoval showrooms enable electricians to keep up to date with the latest Legrand solutions, ensuring that they are always able to offer you the best service. This network is aimed at private individuals wishing to carry out an electrical installation, renovation work, or a quick repair (for an electrical socket, lighting or switchboard, etc.).

électricien certifié mauritius

A network of electricians with recognized skills

The electricians selected by Legrand are electrical installation professionals working in Mauritius. They regularly install products (wiring devices, connected products, electrical panels and more) to guarantee the safety of your installation.

  • As a partner, they are able to present Legrand solutions to you in your home, thanks to dedicated resources (presentation box, palette of color plates, etc.). They also benefit from unlimited access to our Innoval showrooms, where you can see all Legrand products in action.

  • They sign a commitment to become part of the Electriciens Certifiés par Legrand network.

électricien certifié mauritius

Information on electricians

An electrician can carry out any type of electrical installation, such as :

  • Energy-saving work using connected products

  • Day-to-day renovations or upgrades to your home: installing lighting systems, connecting sockets, installing outdoor lighting, radiators, etc.

  • Advice on your building project

  • Electrical safety and compliance operations: grounding to comply with standards, bringing your electrical panel into line to guarantee your safety and that of your home

  • Upgrading your computer network by distributing RJ45 sockets throughout your home

  • Installation of a recharging point for your electric vehicle

Our Certified Electricians in Mauritius

Join the community of Certified Electricians!

Join our community and take advantage of many benefits: business opportunities, a training platform, exclusive commercial offers, dedicated events and much more!

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