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The kitchen is the center of everyday life in the house. It's where we spend most of our time, especially preparing delicious meals for family and friends. That is why It should be equipped with all the electrical installations adapted to each person's needs. Legrand offers you inspiring solutions for a fully equipped and safe kitchen that complies with electrical standards, by choosing the right switches and sockets.


Induction cooker protection

Essential cooking equipment for a modern kitchen, the induction cooker requires a special electrical protection to avoid any electrical risks. The standard requires a minimum of 6 sockets in the kitchen (more than 4m²), 4 of which must be on the work surface. They must be supplied by a dedicated electrical circuit. An installation must include at least 4 specialized circuits, one of which is dedicated to the stove / hotplate protected by a 32 amp circuit breaker and supplied by a 6mm² cable section.

Remove cooking odors

When you're preparing food, airing your kitchen isn't enough to get rid of odors; cooking fumes and vapors can still be around. Discover a complementary solution to the kitchen hood with the Céliane CMV control. Abbreviation for Centralized Mechanical Ventilation, the CMV is essential in a house. The CMV will allow to force the extraction of the stale air of the interior, in order to ensure a certain quality and the renewal of this one in your room.

Multiply the electrical outlets on the work surface

The coffee maker, the toaster, the food processor and the juicer each need an electrical outlet. To have many safe wall outlets in the kitchen, replace the single outlet with a Céliane quadruple outlet. No need to rearrange your electrical panel or pull any wires! Plus, the quadruple outlet can be installed vertically or horizontally to fit any kitchen architecture and style.

Recharge your smartphone and tablet on a USB wall socket

In the kitchen, electrical outlets are always missing! Especially since you also need to charge your smartphone or tablet while you're cooking a little dish with the recipe displayed on your tablet and chatting with your family. The Céliane Surface dual outlet + USB charger kits or the Céliane 2P+T outlet and pre-wired USB outlet meet all these simultaneous needs. With all the services that these dual electrical outlets will provide you with on a daily basis, you won't be able to do without them!