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Elle Legrand | Legrand Mauritius

Committed to Equality

The elle network is an Employee Ressource Group, created in 2013, which promotes gender diversity within Legrand group and with all its stakeholders. This think tank, genuine laboratory of new ideas and actions, proposes new ways to make our Group more diverse, new ways to break the glass ceiling, new ways to make the building industry and beyond, more inclusive for women.

elle Legrand

With a mission to make changes from within

To strengthen proposals for innovations to develop equal opportunities between women and men.

The elle network was created in 2013, in France, on the initiative of Legrand Group employees. It is run by an independent office and transversal.


The 3 main goals of the network:

  • To contribute to a more inclusive culture in the Group and beyond
  • Promote women's access to decision making positions in the Group
  • Propose innovative ideas to challenge and accompany the Group in its diversity and inclusion policies.

4 elle Action Lines

sharing legrand

Experience Sharing

  • Supporting & animating new countries by helping them to develop their local network thanks to the more experienced countries advice(ambassadors)
  • Ensuring the animation and coordination of countries organisations
  • Calling for international projects.
International Mentorships

International Mentorships

  • Developing international duos of mentors/mentees

  • Training of the mentors


Communication and Events

Organizing conferences/workshops around three main axes:

  • Work-life balance & mental load
  • Unconscious biases & men's advocacy for equity
  • Women role models
Public Relations

Public Relations

  • Contributing to the development of ellegrand beyond our own company
  • Joining forces with our partners and customers to advance the building, electrical and industrial sectors in terms of diversity.
  • Sharing our values with partners in the broadest sense (customers, suppliers, subcontractors, NGOs, universities)
  • Becoming a source of advice for younger networks, drawing on our 10 years of experience
  • Extending the network of our members beyond our own company.
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elle Legrand

The elle Legrand team in numbers

More than 4000 members

33 countries with its own network, team and roadmap.

More than 200 duos of mentors/mentees organised per year all over the world

We are all Committed to Equality.

Global presence elle

Our unique objective is to make this network completely useless, as it will have meant that we have reached, together, our target towards a perfect equality

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Ambitions of the future


2024: 80% of workforce covered by the geeis accreditation


2023: 30% of women in key Group positions


2023: 50-50 Gender split in the workforce


elle Legrand

Committed to equality!

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