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DLPlus mini-trunking and skirting | Legrand Mauritius

A complete distribution offer

DLPlus mini-trunking allows distribution and tap-off of the various wires and cables in an electrical installation in complete safety: they conform to standard EN 50085-2-1. They have a white finish, are supplied in lengths of 2.10 m, and are available in the following versions: - 1 compartment without adhesive: from 20 x 12.5 mm to 40 x 20 mm - 1 compartment with adhesive: 20 x 12.5 and 32 x 16 mm - 2 compartments: 20 x 12.5 and 32 x 12.5 mm - 3 compartments: 60 x 20 and 75 x 20 mm

Cable holding system: easier installation

1 and 2-compartment mini-trunking units have a device for holding the cables in place. This ensures quick, reliable installation with the greatest of ease: the cables stay in place all along the installation, making it much easier to fit the cover in particular.

Dedicated accessories: optimum configuration

For complete freedom of configuration with an attractive appearance, DLPlus mini-trunking comes with a wide range of variable cable management accessories: internal angle, external angle, flat angle, T-junction, cover joint, end piece, etc. It can be equipped with dedicated installation supports for integrating Mosaic or surface-mounting wiring accessories.